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What is dopeBoyz?

dopeBoyz is a music group from Poland created in 2017 assocciated with Trap and Hip-Hop genre. The main goal of the band is to share the work of artists with an audience that has similar musical taste. We post our projects on music platform - SoundCloud.

Who is dopeBoyz?

Currently our crew counts 11 members including 7 artists, producers, beat-makers, vocalists as well as graphic designer, web developer, marketing and social media managers.

Music Production

Music is our passion and we focus on delivering the best quality content to our listeners. To do that we compose music in software called Fruti Loop Studio which is our daily workplace.


Mainly we create larger themed projects that bring all artists together although each of us creates their own contet saparetely. You can listen to those tracks by picking an artist on music subpage or by clicking name below.